Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tomorrow is Friday, Thank The Heavens!

This week has been..umm.. interesting to say the least. Rhy finally got his cast on (think I told you already, it was Monday), we had to move our old futon out to the living room so he would have more room and J wouldn't have to sit in a camp

I've been lifting him all week, plus his wheel chair and let me tell you, its awful! Last night I swore I was going to the ER for my neck, but I hate going to the doctor and I hate feeling like I'm whining so I just went to bed. I have an appointment for the 20th and I'm on the cancellation list to get in earlier, so why go the ER?? Either way, I'm SO glad tomorrow is Friday and I won't have to lift that darn wheel chair into the back of my truck until next week, and even then there is only 3 more days of school..

Ire has been doing all she can to either be annoying to her brother, or over helpful. Its like she can't make up her mind if she wants to be nice or For the most part she's helpful and I'm thankful for that.

Rhy on the other hand, is already bored, and I'm already feeling it. I keep asking him if he would like to learn to knit, but he keeps turning me down, but I keep telling him he wouldn't be bored anymore! lol Who knows, maybe I will get him to learn yet. ;c)

So we moved our old futon back into the living room. It wasn't just so our whole family could have a place to sit. Mainly it was so Rhy would have more room. The nurse who put his cast on told us that the more he could lay on his stomach the better he would be. All the weight of his leg is now on the heel of his foot, and it has been known to create sores under the cast. By keeping him on his belly we take that pressure off his heel. The futon is much deeper than our regular couch so he has room to stretch out, watch tv, color, have more toys around him and Ire can sit with him to play.. Over all its was a good thing and I'm glad I didn't get rid of it when my mother told me to last Doesn't Rhy have the skinniest leg ever?? I'm sure he will fill

In my free time I did a swatch with my wonderful Colinette, Jitterbug I got from my SP10 Sunnyme. I'm getting 9spi and I finally think I've decided on a pattern, I'm going to try and hope it looks good. Its from the Sensational Knitted Socks book that Sunnyme sent me. Its on page 37 and the pattern is Baby Cable Rib. I'm not sure if it will look good, but the pattern looks light yet fun. I can't say how excited about I am about this yarn, and the yarn she sent for my birthday. I'm saving my birthday yarn for a special pattern, its variegated but its so light I think I might be able to do something a bit more challenging. I think I will wait for that until school gets out so I can give it more of my attention. :c)

As for pictures. I'm a few days behind, these were taken a few days ago and I'm just getting them up. I now have my gifts and yarn pics from Sunnyme on my camera along with some pics of my Lornas Laces finished Maman socks and just need to get it loaded onto my desktop computer, than onto my flash drive, then onto my laptop...unfortunately that always takes me a few days to do.. I'm a bit lazy that

Well I've been trying to get to bed a bit earlier than normal, and I also want to get my new Jitterbug sock CO. So I'm going to go for today. I hope all is well with everyone in B-Land and that you all have a great weekend!!

April in SC

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sunnyme said...

that cracks me up about Ire not being able to decide whether to be nicer to her brother or annoying. she means well though! can't wait to see how that jitterbug knits up..have you seen the rpm pattern (knitty) or maybe even something lacey? just an idea. though I am by no means a sock knitting expert!