Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My SP10 Did It Again!!!

OMGosh! She did it again.. My Sunnyme has striked again when I needed it most, and lavished me with such gifts that I have been so busy finishing my Maman Socks so I can CO on again that I haven't even been able to post here!!

She sent me some of the most beautiful smelling tea candles that I don't even want to light them because I will miss the smell when they burn down.. She also sent me some bath beads, bath body wash, a make-up bag with cherries on them and another little cloth bag that I can't even say how cool it is AND it just happens to fit my sock knitting! Woooohoooooo!!!

And she sent something else.. what you ask?? She sent even more than that you say?? YES, I say! She did!! She sent me a skein of colinette jitterbug, in the jewel #54 color way... All I can say is WOW! Now this is not a color I would have normally picked for myself, but it is 100% what I NEEDED! I don't mean that in the sense that I have been ogling a pattern that this yarn fits, or that I have a special project planned. I mean it as in, I need more color, I need to be thrown out of my comfort zone and have someone show me that, yea, you can work with color and not only is it okay, but it looks great to. AND SHE HAS DONE THIS. I am SO in LOVE with this color, I can't even imagine only ever having one skein! I will need to buy more, as this color will need to be on my feet more than once a week! LOL

Sunnyme, you are more wonderful than you know, you are sharing things with me and opening me up with such small things but in such big ways. I don't even know how to explain without sounding totally insane, but your awesome and I thank you very much!

Okay, so now that I'm done being mushy *wink*... I will get pictures of everything I got because I can't not share, and I finally knit myself senseless and finished my Maman socks, so they will be coming soon.. In the mean time, here is a pic of the yarn taken from an Internet picture.....and I need some serious help in finding the "right" sock pattern -- so bring on the expert opinions!!

And I can't tell you enough times how this picture doesn't even do this yarn justice in the picture, its some of the most vibrant and luscious colors I've ever seen, and I LOVE the feel of this yarn!

In other news, Rhy my son got his cast put on Monday morning, and its not as simple as I had hoped. Since the buckle fracture is by his growth plate at the end of his bone the doc is pretty sure that some damage was done to the growth plate even if its not visible. So he will have to wear his cast for a full 6 to 8 weeks. :c( So we got him a wheel chair and he went back to school Tues. I have to drive him and pick him up, get him in and out of our truck, take his wheel chair in and out of the back of the truck, get him to the bathroom, help him dress (shorts and cast sock) and all that good stuff. My neck is killing me, I'm tired, and of course Ire my youngest had to have her two front bottom baby teeth pulled today. Her adult teeth were starting to come in behind her baby teeth and although the baby teeth were wiggly, they weren't coming out. Rhy has another doctor appointment on June 1. My step son arrives on June 3. Brit my oldest goes to her dads for a week on June 2nd I think. Rhy has a dentist appointment on June 11, and I have a doctor appointment on June 20 unless there is a cancellation. And finally we will have all 6 children home with us by the second weekend in June... So everything is super busy here, but I swear this ~ I will knit some socks with this fantastic yarn my Sunnyme sent me! -- So there :-P LOL

To be honest, I've already started my swatch.. Looks like I'm getting 9 SPI, but I need to knit a few more rows to be sure.. Lovely, lovely yarn!!!!

I don't have any updated pics of Rhy with his red cast on, but here are a few of him laying on the couch over the weekend with my kitty Voodoo laying all over him... Which Voodoo doesn't usually do, I think he knew Rhy didn't feel good and wanted to make him feel better. :c)

Please ignore the mess, we were still moving things and getting him comfy.. :c)

And here is my first colorwork thingy...aka...Rhy's cast sock... Not the greatest, and I was just playing around, but it sure was fun!! I can't wait to make some more... knit play is great! LOL


ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

Can you tell me who makes that beautiful yarn???
Also, love the toe sock!

sunnyme said...

i'm so glad you love the yarn. I wasn't sure about it when I ordered it but I kept telling myself that you wanted to step out of the box so that was indeed my way of helping you to step out of the box! glad to hear you love the lil bag--that's exactly why I sent it to you, for your sock knitting! ;) poor rhy and poor you! isn't there someone who can help you (@ the school) get him in and out of the truck??