Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My SP10 Strikes AGAIN!

OMGosh! You all are NOT going to believe what my SP10 sent me!!! She said she had a small birthday present she was going to send me but that it would be a little late. Honestly I was thinking the Fantastic card she made me was enough, ya know? But ohhh noooo, my SP10 Sunnyme had to spoil me more and send me a BEAUTIFUL skein of SOCK yarn AND the Book SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS (insert squeel cause the name is in all

My FIRST sock book and one that I had recently descovered that I REALLY wanted! Can we all chant "OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh"???

To tell you how excited I was, I have been glued to this book and have almost rubbed the darn skein back to its orginal form, heck, you could almost put it back on the sheep. ;c)

Thank you Sunnyme!!!! And honestly that seems SO inadequate, a simple thank you... just doesn't seem enough!!!

Along these lines, has anyone else found that since finding knitting they can get emotional about it? Not in a bad way but a good one?? Maybe its just me right now in my life, but I have been getting a bit emotional over my knitting. I got this skein and book from my SP10 and I just sat thare stunned, I could feel the tears welling in my eyes and I thought to myself, "what the heck? You don't CRY!"... LOL I of course bucked up and held my tears in so my family didn't rush me to the emergency room thinking I was dying - lol - but its not the first time I have found myself in this situation - then again, maybe its just an SP10 thing since I am convinced I have the very best one. :c)

I will get pictures up soon, and I warn you now, NO slobbering on your screen or key pad, it will seriously mess it up and your computer won't work right after that. I've been their and its a serious problem. ;c)

I hope everyone had a good weekend and later today I will be sure to post a boring post about what else has been happening over here..

April in SC


sunnyme said...

it's looking quite spiffy in here! ;) again, you are soooooooooo welcome for the book and the yarn. I have to tell you that I got the book for myself to see if I wanted to get you one and I, too, fell in love with the book so I got a second one and now we both have copies of the same book. lol. The yarn was an added bonus..I couldn't just send you the book alone, you know??

N. Maria said...

OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh!
I am chanting with you since I would be just as happy!
It couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Topaza said...

Great work.