Monday, June 04, 2007

Busy, Busy

Well this last week has been uber busy! We didn't get as much done as I would like but my house should be fulled re-arranged and spring cleaned before this weekend! yyayaya!!

In the mean time we worked out butts off this week and yesterday lil' J arrived from MI! lil' J is my step son but I hate calling him that. Usually I just call him my son, or my other son when just chatting with others. He is awesome and we all get really excited when he comes for the summer!! I always get so excited that I don't sleep much the few days before he gets here so I'm happy to say I slept pretty good last He came in at new airport about 3 hours from us, so yesterday was a very long day.

Today I have loads to do, I need to go grocery shopping and go to the post office and still do some work on the house, can't stop that or it won't get done and I would be stuck with a half finished house..not I have piles all over, bags of clothes that don't fit the kids (I've washed everything in site and everything out of our drawers!), toys that they don't play with, bags of just school papers that we didn't need anymore (I went through and kept certain art projects and stuff)...

We are very lucky here where I live that every few months we get blue bags delivered (for free) from the sanitary station and we can recycle each week with our regular trash. It's an awesome program and really appreciated! In fact our whole sanitary station is great down here. They pick up all sorts of things we would have had to pay and arm and a leg for up north. I should send them a card!! :c)

Anyway, I gotta go, but wanted to check in with everyone in B-Land.

Ohh and yea, I think the picture and the yarn WAS just me.. It does kind of look like the picture, I hadn't seen them side by side until I put the picture up here. The only thing that really got me was that in the picture I swear the yarn looks like it has gold, not yellowish/greenish.. O'well, I guess I will keep it and see how it knits up, I may love it afterward. lol..

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

April in SC