Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Finally Back

Well, I'm finally back. I got so upset that I could never post pictures here that I just walked away for awhile. Of course my parents being here for a month, finals, knitting and the holidays didn't play a role in it at all. *g*

So I have one week today until the next semester at school starts. It was a great break and I'm looking forward to going back. I'll be taking English 101, Basic Anatomy and Phy, Medical Terminology, and a Math class.

As for medical, that has been interesting. I got my third and final shot in my spine, he did it higher up in my neck this time and I think it has helped a lot. Not perfect but a bit better. I'm still experiencing pain often but hey, I can at least fold 3 small loads of clothes without feeling like I'm going to die for the rest of the day. :c)

Knitting! I got my scarf done that I wrote the pattern for below. It turned out nice but I feel the outer edges curled a bit to much for my liking. I also did not slip the first stitch so was unhappy with my edges, that was fixed by adding a crochet border, in fact that turned out really nice. I forgot to get pictures since I was on a deadline and was right on time I should be able to get a picture from my cousin though. Here is the list of my very first gifts I knitted for family this holiday season:
Back Scrubber for my aunt
Cuff to Cuff easy child's sweater w/hat for my little cousin
Santa Hat I did this in red and purple for my aunt for Red Hat
Scarf pattern listed below for my other cousin, in red/white/black for the GA Bulldog colors.

Not much for the holidays but I'm still happy with it. Since I blogged last I have finished or started these:
Men's Fingerless Gloves I have a pair started for my uncle. Almost done with the first one.
Infant Socks I just finished these and they were my first socks!!
Baby Feet Cloth This will go with the socks to a friend of ours who just had a baby boy.
Dolphin Cloth This will also go to our friends who had the baby
Lorraine Major's version of the 5 hour baby sweater I'm almost done with this sweater now. Just a few rows left.
Sock Calculator I used one of the many calc's here to get a pattern for Jack and cast on for it last night. It's my first full size sock so I'm just using some Lionbrand wool-ease I had here.

Well I guess that is about it for tonight. If I don't stop then I won't get any knitting in before bed.

Happy New Year All!!!