Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just the List..As I Check it Off...

I think it will be easier to check off what I've done in a post of just the list and updates. :c)

What's left before Tues???

15 question to still look up
3 short Essay questions to do
7 654321 labs to write up
5 DONE labs to finish (as best I can since we didn't cover some of those labs in LAB class) oh and that means 5 more labs to write up
7 6 5 4 3 21 Extra Credit essays
possibly 2 critical thinking "things" to write up

Med Term:
Take home test Done
Study for test on Tues
Study Abbrev for quiz on Tues (days: Sat/Sun/Mon)
Extra Credit for chapter on test (which is the 80 question review at end of chapter)
Extra Credit for chapter test on Tues (80 questions)

Study entire chapter 7 for test on Tues
Last of homework for chapter 7

Write up 3 21 essays for class essay on Tues. In this class he gives a list of possible "6" essays, but he will only pick 3 and we don't know which ones until we come into class, so I like to pick at least 3 and write up a ruff draft or the entire 3 before hand, although its not necessary to do.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Makin' My List, and Checkin' it Twice.....

Updated list, Sat night....2 more days to get everything done... and still no knitting, been almost a week...starting to feel weak, think, having,

Tonight I'm using this as my check off list, course I have "check off lists" running around my house every where! But for this weekend the more the merrier, anything and everything to help me remember all I have to cram in my brain. :-)

I have 15 questions left to look up out of 130. Course it took me all day to look up all the rest since it was almost all information that was NEVER covered in class...yup, we never went over it. So I had to go through 15 chapters that we never even talked about in class! I suppose we are suppose to have gone over those chapters in the course but heck, we only made it to chapter 10, and at that we won't have time to test on least that is what he said, that doesn't mean that is what he'll do...sigh.....

What's left before Tues???

15 question to still look up in
3 short Essay questions to do
7 labs to write up
5 labs to finish (as best I can since we didn't cover some of those labs in LAB class) oh and that means 5 more labs to write up
7 Extra Credit 6 Extra Credit essays I can do (which I will, the can be short though)
possibly 2 critical thinking "things" to write up

Med Term:
Take home test DONE
Study for test on Tues
Study Abbrev for quiz on Tues (did do that today/Sat)
Extra Credit for chapter on test (which is the 80 question review at end of chapter)

Study entire chapter 7 for test on Tues
Last of homework for chapter 7

Write up 3 essays for class essay on Tues. In this class he gives a list of possible "6" essays, but he will only pick 3 and we don't know which ones until we come into class, so I like to pick at least 3 and write up a ruff draft or the entire 3 before hand.

So anyone gonna wish me luck?? LOL IF I get a 90% or above I don't have to take the final in A/P and I'm SO hoping to get this!! In Med Term if we get 80% or above we don't have to take the final either, that should be easy...its the A/P I'm worried about! So I need to make sure all this stuff is perfect before I turn it in...and I admit I'm under pressure for a bit of it because I waited to do it (extra credit stuff)...I have no real excuse except the teacher is so all over the place that his class is difficult...would be different if he was actually teaching the class...... O'well, I'll get it done.. it looks like a lot in the list but honestly its not to bad. This will be my "worst" weekend in an entire semester, seriously that is not bad!

I probably will not keep posting a new list as things get done....I will probably just edit this one and cross things out....

OH and I have NOT knit ALL week. I'm totally freaking out as I keep rubbing my socks and holding my needles!! LOL If I get enough work done between the rest of tonight (yea right, its 1:30am) and tomorrow I "might" take some knitting and knit for awhile at my aunts before dinner...maybe...we'll see...

I hope everyone has a great knitting weekend!!

April in SC

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

Okay, I'm a few days late but Happy Easter everyone!! I hope your day was beautiful!

We had a good Easter here, the kids woke up and did a little Easter egg hunt in the house. It was cold outside so we didn't do it out their this year. Than they found their hidden baskets and then proceeded to eat a bunch of candy. :c) Jack even got me 2 chocolate bunnies!

So I'm gonna back up just a bit...I had talked about a small project I was working on last week and it was a scarf. It was a super easy pattern that went by very fast, it was called the Mock Cable Scarf and can be found HERE . If your ever looking for a VERY nice pattern that is fast and easy this would be the one, it came out great, unfortunately I only got one pic of it and its a super goofy pic, I hadn't brushed my hair at all yet and just the way I had it wrapped around made me look like a goof ball.... However, I can laugh at myself so here it is. :c)

By the way, long ago I talked about not being able to decide if I should get the glass's that showed my funk/librarian side...Well I did, and I'm wearing them, course I was laughing so they were falling off, I need to get them adjusted!

To show off a bit better pic of me, here is one that is a little better, the kitty is my beloved Voodoo.

As for socks, I didn't get to knit much on any of them last week but I am working on THIS pattern with my Lornas Laces, it kind of picked this pattern and I guess I will save the other one for another sock yarn that says its okay. I'm just picking up gusset stitches on the first sock. On Jack's Austermann sock I appear to have a hole and can't find where I dropped a stitch, so I haven't worked on that until I get a good pic and see if anyone can help me, maybe this weekend, if I'm lucky......wait until you see my school load this week!! Thank goodness only 3 more weeks left!!!

So if I'm MIA for the next few weeks you all know its because of school and finals and all. Here is my homework load from now until next Tuesday.

Anatomy and Physiology:

Read 2 chapters and do review sheets before Thursday ~ Do 3 chapters in work book by Thurs. ~ Over weekend I have about 4 lab reports to do and 4 or 5 works sheets to complete (20 Q's each)

Medical Terminology:

Do note cards for abbrev words ~ study 2 chapters before Thurs for tests ~ And study over weekend for test on Tues.


Homework before Thurs, homework on Thurs and some extra over the weekend, and get ready for a test next week and review for upcoming final.


Work and finish 3 essays this weekend for essay on Tues, study for test next Thurs.

Okay, so that doesn't look like much but it feels like it!! LOL And I keep feeling like I forgot something in there, thank goodness I have everything written down!!

Anyway, its midnight and I'm going to finish up a bit of homework before I go to bed. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and gets some knitting done for me!! :c)


Friday, April 06, 2007

I must say....

I don't care where the darn string bow came was the coolest thing!! ;c)

Having said that...I now need to get to bed...its 4am!!!!!! What am I doing??? LOL

However, I leave with you a song for the day...or at least one that fits my present mood..

Beyonce Flaws and All

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Secret Surprise!!!

Okay, I promised I would share my secret surprise with all of you today and I believe I'm ready to do that... :-)

My secret surprise was a HAND MADE Birthday Card from my SP10!! How freakin' cool is that?? I've NEVER gotten a hand made card like this before and I can't say how excited I was!! I called everyone, my mom and dad, my aunt, told my daughter and a few of my friends (although I did that in such a way that they didn't feel I am SO hyped about this darn card, it has REAL string on it tied in the BEST bow!! Here are a few pics of it...if I can figure this

I can't thank you enough SunnyMe!! My card was a wonderful surprise and one that I will cherish for all time! It is going to be hung up on the "art wall of fame" in my kitchen..which is the largest wall in the kitchen and is being loaded up with all the best hand made art that I just love (even if most of it is from the kids..*wink*..)

Hugs to you! For all your kindness and for such a thoughtful gift!!

While I was yet again googling over my home made birthday card I decided while I had my camera actually out and working that I would finally take those picture I promised weeks, upon weeks ago of my very first yarn here are some more pictures.. :c)

Okay, here they are...all but the one I would like to trade and that will get it owns post. I will also post the names and colors soon if anyone wants to know what they are. :c)

So for now I'm outta here..I'm gonna rest my neck and maybe get some knitted on my easy project.

April in SC


Well I went AWOL for a few's my story and I'm sticking to it... ;-)

I groomed 7 of our animals on Sat...okay that was cool, woke up on my birthday super sore but I was dealing. I had a pretty relaxed birthday, just went to my aunts for dinner, and of course that was perfect, she is such a fantastic cook!!! I can't even begin to tell you how I am spoiled on a weekly basis by that Woman's lovely cooking..not to mention all the other little things she does for our family, she's just such a giving person!!!

So I took some knitting and didn't have to do much on Sun...than Monday comes around and I'm still sore but decide I'm going to get some darn things done around the house, ya know those things that suffer when you get busy but that really bother the heck out of you...and of course they are things everyone else in the family can see or do but doesn't...They will just mosey right on by it like its perfectly dusted...ladeeda... So I get to working, and working, and ohh working some more...than after working myself and the kids for several hours I decide the kids still have to much energy so we go for a walk, not a long walk but a walk, where I proceed to tell them they should So they race down the road to the dead end and we all walk back (I took Kodiak with me and he had a hard time not running with the kids!)...

By evening I'm exhausted and funny but the kids were to, they went to bed wayyy before there bedtime.. Our youngest (6) didn't even say goodnight, she just went to bed and was asleep by Now that alone should have been my clue as to how I had over done it, but ohhh no, I wouldn't catch on to something that simple... So I'm tired, my neck is killing me, my right arm and fingers are uber numb but I got a few things picked up and some laundry folded and minimal dusting done, and also went through some clothes I know our family is just not gonna wear and got tired of it hanging around.... I didn't think how bad it would be the next day.....

So I wake up Tues and I can hardly move...I think I'm gonna die or be paralyzed or that I will live forever with the numbness (oh wait, I feel that way almost all the time anyway...sigh..)... So I get up because I have to and sit on the couch, turn the lap top on and look over some email, I might have even answered some, not sure....I literally did nothing else really! I just sat their staring off into space or staring at my knitting, or staring at what I could still be doing or at the things I would like to be painting my daughters closet, putting my book shelf together for my school work, or just dusting the small dogs out from under my couch (we have to do this weekly and its my week...well it was...probably not now..).... By evening time I'm tired of being tired and I'm frustrated from just sitting and I'm frustrated with the pain...such a small, itty bitty accident, and all this damn pain....its not like our car was totally crunched into a box...course it was totaled, but really I don't think the lady was going 40mph, I'm sure it was way less than that, yet I pitied myself all dang day...smiling at the kids and wishing I could just MOVE body in some way that would be productive... yesterday comes around...I feel a bit better and of course realize that I'm allowed the occasional day of pity for myself but I'm not that type of person that can just sit and be like that, so although I didn't get much done yesterday either, I was in a way better mood. We went last night and got J's and our youngest son's hair cut and got some groceries. By the end of that I was in so much pain my hands were shaking a bit. I don't think it was so much from pain but from just being in pain for a few days. It seems the longer this goes on the less tolerance I have to pain when it happens, and the side effects are me trying to not be grumpy and shaking... Not as bad as it sounds, but that's because I'm not the type of person that likes to show weakness, I usually feel like I have to be strong for everyone else and they can't depend on me if they can't see I'm strong...So for the most part I try and hide how I'm really feeling, which of course J usually see's through, but not always...

I did start knitting something light last night, after like 3 I might be able to work on my beloved socks tonight but I think I will wait and stick with the easy project until tomorrow though...

I also got something SO special for my birthday that I will be sharing with you later today. Right now I need to start on some studying, for all that we had the week off for spring break I really only had a few days and took a few more than I had anticipated, so now its back to the grind... :-)

So for anyone reading this today...I should have an nice long post later today with a special share that I got from someone VERY special!!!

April in SC

Sunday, April 01, 2007


P.S. I've started a new blog. I did this because unlike others who have found it easy to modify their blog here at blogger I have not. And I really wanted something I could modify a bit easier, since I don't feel I have the time to learn right now, maybe this summer. Anyway, I decided to try Wordpress and see what theirs was like. So far it seems much easier in some ways and harder in others, so over all I haven't decided. The same thing is over their that is here. They have a handy import tool that is awesome. So you won't miss anything but sticking with this one for now, I just thought I would tell you about it. If you want to check it out you can HERE it is under the same name since I'm not imaginative enough to think of anything

Happy Birthday to Me!! :c)

Okay, so I wasn't born until 8 something in the morning and its just after 1am, and I'm not THAT anxious to become a whole whopping 33..LOL...ohhh bring out the scary!! ;c)

Well I have had a busy week. I got my English paper done and turned in on Friday. Our instructor only gave one actual paper for the whole semester, but it was one of those that if you didn't turn it in you failed the entire semester and had to take the class again...yikes!! So got that turned in on Friday and now I'm on spring break...can we say that again?? SPRING BREAK!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAayayayaay!!

So to start off my spring break I groomed today...and it was a LONG day! First I shaved Kodiak down to help with his skin allergies and just the over abundance of hair that was floating around, and than I proceeded to bath him and Sage our other dog. Well, its spring and I couldn't be done not me.. So I than bathed our 5 cats - Maji - RunyB (pronounced as RuinyB, like you ruin something with a "B" at the end because that stands for something - Druid - Voodoo - and last Mojo... It took me all afternoon and I can tell you cats do not like water, not at all!!! But oh are they fluffy and soft now, and my two babies Mojo and Voodoo have already forgiven me. :c)

Tomorrow (today) we are going to my aunts for dinner, and that is about it, I guess you could say I've always been a bit lame on my But for the first time in a few months I don't think I will be bringing any homework, just knitting... And although I would love to do nothing but knit my whole week of vacation I can't.. Spring has hit here and I have loads I want to do. I won't be able to do any of it very fast but as long as I take good breaks, don't life anything and be mindful that my right hand goes numb and just drops things I should be fine. I'm pretty excited about having a week with just my two youngest this week also, it should be fun!!

So I have restarted THIS sock pattern about 3 times and think I finally got it, But disaster struck in the stupidest way and I'm not sure what to do now... I always keep a pad of paper and a pen near me when I knit to mark rows or make notes...Usually I use a pen that clicks closed or has a cap, well I happen to crab one I personally would never use, but I made sure to keep it away from the yarn. Well my daughter got into my lap and I didn't notice it had rolled and guess what?? It LEAKED on my sock!! I'm so upset!! I'm not sure if it will come out or not....sigh.....

Anyway, I really have to stop now, I'm so tired and honestly very, very sore from using my neck and shoulder so much today. So its off to bed for me! I hope everyone out there is having a good weekend!!

April in SC