Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well time sure seems to be getting away from me and I'm not really sure where its gone yet. Halloween is over and the kids had fun. I'm still working on my finals, honestly this was probably not the best time to start a blog but I'm happy I did.

The Plan - Get my 3 finals done before my parents arrive on Nov 11, that leaves me the rest of this week, this weekend and next week. I already know my math homework will be hard inbetween with one more test and the final, and I know I will have at least 2 more tests in one class and have to finish up 5 more chapters in another and my class's end the week after Thanks Giving, and that weekend we are going to a reunion which I will probably have to take all my last minute work with me.

Recently finished:
fingerless gloves
cable hat for daughter
Child's sweater for cousin with matching hat

On The Needle:
my cable scarf pattern ~ for a Cousin
Cable scarf pattern ~ For Jack
Guantlet - 1 done ~ for Me
Round Placemat ~ For Aunt~ need 4 to 6 of them

Next projects:
Secret for Xmas ~ Aunt
Secret for month of Dec ~ Aunt
Scarf to match cable hat for daughter
Hat to match scarf pattern for cousin
reput son's hoodie back on needles (I stole needle set for something else)
....and a list of patterns to decide

I really do hope I will have pictures soon. I've just been so busy it seems by the time I think of it I'm ready to go to bed. Right now its time to put the school work up, relax for a few minutes of knitting (first time today!) with some hot chacolate and then go to bed, I get the results from a math test tomorrow and I can't wait to see what I got!

I also can't wait to load up the pictures and let you all know about my twisted stitches, how I'm working on it and who the wonderful Lady was who has helped me! It was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot and can't wait to brag about how howderful this special someone is and to share her blog with all of you.

So for tonight, happy knitting and peace out (I always wanted to say that...LOL).