Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well time sure seems to be getting away from me and I'm not really sure where its gone yet. Halloween is over and the kids had fun. I'm still working on my finals, honestly this was probably not the best time to start a blog but I'm happy I did.

The Plan - Get my 3 finals done before my parents arrive on Nov 11, that leaves me the rest of this week, this weekend and next week. I already know my math homework will be hard inbetween with one more test and the final, and I know I will have at least 2 more tests in one class and have to finish up 5 more chapters in another and my class's end the week after Thanks Giving, and that weekend we are going to a reunion which I will probably have to take all my last minute work with me.

Recently finished:
fingerless gloves
cable hat for daughter
Child's sweater for cousin with matching hat

On The Needle:
my cable scarf pattern ~ for a Cousin
Cable scarf pattern ~ For Jack
Guantlet - 1 done ~ for Me
Round Placemat ~ For Aunt~ need 4 to 6 of them

Next projects:
Secret for Xmas ~ Aunt
Secret for month of Dec ~ Aunt
Scarf to match cable hat for daughter
Hat to match scarf pattern for cousin
reput son's hoodie back on needles (I stole needle set for something else)
....and a list of patterns to decide

I really do hope I will have pictures soon. I've just been so busy it seems by the time I think of it I'm ready to go to bed. Right now its time to put the school work up, relax for a few minutes of knitting (first time today!) with some hot chacolate and then go to bed, I get the results from a math test tomorrow and I can't wait to see what I got!

I also can't wait to load up the pictures and let you all know about my twisted stitches, how I'm working on it and who the wonderful Lady was who has helped me! It was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot and can't wait to brag about how howderful this special someone is and to share her blog with all of you.

So for tonight, happy knitting and peace out (I always wanted to say that...LOL).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Work, Work, Work..and none knitting...

This has got to be the most horrible week of knitting I've had yet. My son was sick yesterday and by the time I got to knitting last night I wasn't feeling very well so didn't get but a few rows done on the fingerless gloves I've been working on and only those because I could do them lying Today I had school all day and now have loads of homework and all I want to do is knit..sigh...

So here's my plan, as a treat to myself for getting a 100% on my math test last week I'm going to do some of my homework tonight and do my math tomorrow. I don't have much to do when I brake it up like that vs. trying to do it all tonight and I think that is exactly what I'm gonna do. Crawl into bed with some soothing tea for my tummy and some soup and finish up my homework and then just knit while I watch my shows and then when I get up in the morning all refreshed and not feeling worse (I hope) I can do my math in about an hour and then put about another hour into some of my finals and be done and knit a bit more...sounds great!! lol

Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Over

Well finally the weekend is over and boy was it a busy one! We left Friday at about 4pm, got caught in rush hour in Atlanta which put us in at about 11:30pm in Nashville, got up and went to breakfast, did a bit of shopping at a dollar general (a few of the team mebers forgot black socks), went to lunch at subway and then came back to the hotel for about an hour. We then leave for the match and that went really well, my Daguther shot awesome and her team mates all did well to, it was great! They didn't bring the scores out until really late so by the time we viewed them and went to dinner we didn't arrive at the hotel until about 9pm. Got up at 5am on Sunday because they had an international match at 8am, they shot that, we got scored and left for home. We got home about 7:30pm last night.

I'm so tired today and haven't gotten anything done. :c( My youngest daughter is feeling better but didn't sleep well all weekend so I kept her home and now my son has the flu so he is home. I have a bit of homework to do tonight but it shouldn't take long so tonight I am going to start on my swatches! Over the weekend I did get some worked on the scarf pattern I listed the other day and its not to bad, I've left it alone for a few days and will be coming back at it today with a fresh "look". If I make any changes to it I will post a picture of the current before I frog it down (if I do) so you can see what the original looked like. I have two more fingers left on the fingerless gloves I'm doing my for my partner Jack, I need to just finish those up tonight also. I'm also hoping tonight that while making my swatches I can have Jack take pictures of how I'm knitting. It will either be right or wrong and maybe it will help some leftie out there. :c)

I have tried to put a pic up in my profile several times now and keep getting that the blog has an internal error. This is getting annoying and hoepfully either they get it fixed or I figured out what I'm doing wrong so when i get the pictures up they will actually be loaded up!

Whelp, that's it for now, I'm off to see if my son needs anything and unpak and pull out my knitting.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Getting Ready

Well I was hoping to get some swatches done yesterday but I didn't. My youngest DD (almost 6) has gotten the flu. She is home today and really not feeling well and I'm getting ready to be gone for the weekend, so I sorted through all my yarn last night and picked my projects to take. I have a few to finish and a few to work on and few to start. :-) So today is packing, taking care of her and then finally going to pick up my son at school, drive to my aunts, drop the kids off an back to the school to leave for the trip. I might forget my hair brush but you can bet my knitting is ready!

I'm pretty excited as I wrote up a quick pattern for a scarf last night (which has probably been thought of before and I just don't know I'm not sure how it will look since I've never written anything and have only done cables once. I wanted to add some small cables on the sides but leave the middle St st because at the ends I will be sewing patch logos on it for the Georgia Bulldogs. It won't be a two/way scarf maybe I can work up to that if its possible but I'm just excited I got it on paper!

The Pattern is basically:
Cast on 28 st
Row 1: k2,p2,k4,p2,k8,p2,k4,p2,k2
Row 2: p2,k2,p4,k2,p8,k2,p4,k2,p2
x4 rows
Cable Row: k2,p2,c2f,p2,k8,p2,c2b,p2,k2
repeat row 2: p2,k2,p4,k2,p8,k2,p4,k2,p2
repeat row 1: k2,p2,k4,p2,k8,p2,k4,p2,k2
repeat row 2:
Cable Row:
Just keep doing that until its the length you want. Mine will have 3 colors used and I wrote it out to switch colors on a cable row. I'm not sure if that is correct or if it will work, heck I'm not sure if this pattern will look like mush! I do have an alternative idea though:

1. only use the K8/P8 in the middle until its long enough for the patch and then switch to K2/P2 ribbing (you would have to add extra stitches to the pattern though, bringing it up to 30 sts), that would make a kind of small box for the patch.

I think I have a few other ideas written down but my paper is not in front of me, so we'll see. If anyone KNOWS this will look like crap, please tell me, it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all! LOL If you try it please let me know how you liked it and I will do the same.

Well I'm off to pack and get some things done, I have to get my school stuff around to bring also, the knitting is great but I got finals I need to work on to, I'm hoping to have them done before my family arrives from Alaska in the beginning of Nov. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My First Entry

Wow, I never thought I would have a "blog", but like many since learning knitting I would like to share my projects and adventures in knitting. Today I have to gather all my knitting around for a weekend trip up to Tnn. My daughter has a rifle match up there for ROTC and I'm looking forward to the long car ride so I can just knit and knit and knit. :-) Also my plan for today is to knit a few swatches and find out if I'm twisting stitches or not. It isn't something I have ever thought about before, *I* think my knitting looks fine but after seeing a blog recently (which I'm going to re-find!) I realize that I could have those darn stitches twisted, and it really does make a difference in the way a final project looks. So I will be off soon to start those swatches and see what happens.

Right now on my needles I have just a few fingers left on some fingerless gloves for my partner Jack, a pair of gauntlets for me (my first ME project), a hoodie for my son and I need to get a scarf done hopefully over the weekend. I also bought some practice yarn for socks months ago on clearance that I might work on, I love clearance! lol

Well I'm off, I hope everyone has great knitty day!