Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Recent Talk About Yarn..

There has been recent talk on my very favorite groups (socknitters of course) about On Line sock yarns. So far the reviews have been really good and the colors look oh so wonderful and very perfect for a project I have in mind..

However, I'm a bit scared to buy more. I have one single ball that I bought a few months ago. I also mentioned a few posts back (umm, yea, more like a few months back!) that I would like to trade this ball of yarn for equal value of another sock yarn or something anyway. I paid $6.75 for it on sale at

My main concern is not the yarn itself, it feels fantastic. It's that the picture did not at all look like the yarn I got, and I did double check the label. I got online (summer I think?) color #787. Here is what it looked like in the picture at little knits, its the bottom one:

And here is what I got:

I don't know about everyone out here in B-Land, but this does not look the same per-say. The yarn I got was WAY lighter than what the picture showed and unfortunately that shade of greenish/yellow does not look good on me, its similar looking, just a lot lighter than I anticipated. Its not that it's bad, it just doesn't look that great on me, hence why I would like to trade it. ( I have cats and dogs by the way, and birds, although none of them have been near the yarn really)

Has anyone else had this problem with On Line sock yarn? Should I be scared to buy more? Was this a fluke or should I just look at the yarn as always going to be lighter than the picture?? At least for this brand??

Any comments or offers would be appreciated. :c)

April in SC


Becky said...

I don't know. Maybe it's just my monitor (or my eyes) but they look the same to me. I would suggest, though, before buying any more that you check and see if they offer a color card. That way you'll know for sure what color you are getting.

sunnyme said...

I'm with Becky--the sock and the yarn you purchased looked the same to me too! I had the same experience though--I purchased some yarn, thought it was going to be as rich and vibrant as in what I saw on my computer but when it arrived, it wasn't as vibrant. oh well, there's always that risk, you know?

ExtremeYarn said...

I just posted some sock yarn on in my store, feel free to visit.

Virginia said...

I just bought some online yarn in a store and it has a picture on its own label that doesn't really match. It shows a bright purple spot, and the real yarn is dyed over a grey background. It's still very nice yarn, though.
Also, I ordered some Opal Caterpillar, thinking it would be a nice mint-green. It turns out to be a very bright almost neon sort of green.
I don't consider it a real problem, though.