Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Frog, Ribbit, Frog, Ribbit!

Well I've been SO busy with my wonderful new sock yarn that I KNOW I've horrible about contacting my SP10.... However....I LOVE YOU SUNNYME!

This yarn is just fantastic, I totally love it....Unfortunately I love it so much that I've frogged it like 4 times now. It's like NO pattern is good enough for this yarn! Yea, its bright and dark at the same time, yea, it can't take anything that is to fancy, BUT, it deserves something special darnnit, and it WILL have it!! LOL

So I just got done froggin' it back yet again and I've decided that although it may not look the best of the best, I'm going to go ahead and use the Baby Cable Rib from the Sensational Knitted Socks my SunnyMe got me for my birthday. I tried the Garter Rib and didn't like it, and I tried Jaywalker and didn't like it either (not to mention that a size smaller than was recommended still looked like it was going to be to large for my foot). I also tried two others and none looked that great. I have no idea why I'm fighting a nice plane sock, but something just tells me that this sock wants me to do something special with it, and *I* like the Baby Cable Rib.. So I'm using it! :c)

Okay, so I've re-Cast On and I'm on the big 4th row of the 2x2 I feel confidant this time. And for anyone that is wondering, this Jitterbug has held up REALLY well to all my frogging!! I just couldn't be happier... Thank you again SunnyMe!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than knitting we've just been really busy around here the last week or so. We are getting ready for the yearly explosion of having 6 children in the house, the end of the school year and spring cleaning. We've all been working our little bottoms off.

Rhy has learned to scoot across the floor and go from couch to couch, and room to room to play with his sister.. However, he scooted just a bit to much today while I had my head stuck in papers and rubbed the heel of his cast off, or at least the first layer...sigh... I should have KNOWN to not take my eye off an almost 8 yo boy who is scooting through half the house.. What was I thinking?? Well he won't be doing much scooting now, and he also over did it and said his leg was hurting tonight, first time in over a week now..

Ire just got a does of Children's Motrin because she said her ear hurt. We will see in the morning if its still hurting, and if so I will have to take her to the doctor. The last time she kept complaining about her ear hurting she had a huge, hard ball of wax stuck in it..Over all I was thankful that it wasn't an infection. So I guess were just waiting to see if its still hurting tomorrow.

Brit, Rhy's bigger sister (my oldest who will be 17 yo in June, the day before Rhy's 8th b-day) has shown him how to play the card game Go Fish, and has been playing with him. Course he spent half the night cackling tonight because he beat

Ire our funny and youngest girl is such a hoot. She was sitting on Brit's legs the other day while Brit did some sit-ups and she was having a hard time holding her feet down, so she stood up and said to her big sister, "I'm just gonna have to work out my butt so it will get bigger, than I can hold your feet down." ONLY out of the mouths of Babes I say! And this was a light funny from her! LOL

Well I better get, I was so busy cleaning and than taking a bit of knitting time that I forgot to feed the cats, they haven't forgotten though and are reminding me thoroughly of my duties!

Oh, yea, Brit's friend signed Rhy's cast and drew a Mickey head on it. I thought it was awesome for a quick free-hand. Here is a pic:

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

April in SC

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sunnyme said...

I hope the baby cable rib pattern works out-if not there are soooooooooo many patterns out there (I know, you still would have to choose one) but I'm confident that you'll make the right choice for you. ;) poor rhy..maybe he needs a lil skateboard and he can roll from room to room slowly!