Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NOT a Good Day!!

Well, school is out and you would think I would have more time to blog, but the thing is I've been sitting here doing a bit knitting, cleaning a bit and pickin' my nose....sigh... I'm BORED already! I have gone back to school because I want a good job, I want to get out of the house and as much as I love the fact that no matter how slim we lived my fiance wanted me to stay home, but I don't want to do it anymore. All our children are in school all day and I need adult human interaction!! LOL So I've been kind of bummin around wishing I was back in school, I had purpose then, more purpose than the next load of laundry

So I wake up today, mosey around the house a bit and just feel generally restless, don't wanna watch tv, don't really want to knit (although I'm almost done with my Belle Maman socks), don't wanna be in front of the computer, or play with the birds...just restless and all over the place not doing much of anything.....When I get a call...

The school nurse called and during gym another little boy ran into my son. It was a simple run in, not one they would normally even write an incident report over, but my son couldn't put weight on his left leg, after icing and rest..

So off I go into my truck and go down to the school (thank goodness its only about 2 miles or so) and walk in. Sure enough he's sitting on a chair super upset and has an ice bag on his upper thigh. So I walk him through what happened, where it hurt and how much. The nurse said she palpitated the area and couldn't feel anything broken, no muscle swelling or tightening.. she did a good job, but still he would not walk or put weight on that leg..

Honestly? I've been here before and my son only has that look or acts like that when something is wrong (which the nurse wouldn't know of course)... So all I really had to do was look at his little face and I KNEW something wasn't right. So I pick him up ( the way.. this was NOT good on the neck and although he is thin for his age at only about 45 pounds, he is tall for me and going to be 8 yo next month!)...and I carry him out to my truck, and get him in the BACK SEAT no less. I'm feeling pretty good about that since my truck sits pretty high up off the ground and I have to heft my little 4'11" into it...

Anyway, I get him in the truck, call my aunt who thank goodness happens to be in my town shopping with a friend (she lives about 30 min from my town) and I go and meet her where we transfer my son out of the truck and into her much more manageable car and off the emergency room..While driving there I'm calling our oldest daughter (16) to let her know why I won't be home when she gets there, and of course call his dad because I'm almost positive that no matter what we will need some shorts when we leave because his jean are probably not going back on..

We get to our hospital and of course they are AWESOME!! They have the BEST child's ER ward with the BEST doctors and nurse's!! They X-Rayed his left thigh and sure enough he has what's called a buckle fracture (easy explanation) or torus fracture (more technical explanation) right above his knee on the outside of his left thigh bone. From what I've read it should heal pretty fast, the easy explanation said about 3 weeks. However the way they talked at the ER he will be in a FULL LEG CAST probably a bit longer. We don't know yet. So he's in a full leg splint right now and goes to see the bone doctor Monday morning and we'll find out more then.

Until then he is in a splint from toes to almost his groin area, he can't put any weight on the leg so I will have to carry him around everywhere and to the time to the bathroom this evening and I can tell you already, this is not going to be fun!!

It could be much worse though!! And he has been a real trooper through the whole thing, very calm and easy going as he always is. We were in the ER, they gave him some pain meds but still he looked over at me and said, "I love you mom"....awww, it could have broke my heart! He is so wonderful and I'm so thankful it wasn't anything worse!!

So after the ER, being the trooper he is, he decided to go to walmart with us to get his meds, so his dad carried him in and plunked him down into a wheel chair and off we went. After a day like this we got him a movie (Night at the Museum) and some McDonald's!

Here is my poor boy about at his limit while we picked up the meds at Wal-Mart


sunnyme said...

oh goodness! sorry to hear about what happened to him. I can't believe he has to be in a full leg cast!! Poor kid. You weren't kidding about him being a trooper.

Kasi said...

Awwwwwwww. That's enough to break any mom's heart. My son was in a full body cast when he was 10 months old~I feel your pain. Hope he heals super fast.