Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Just Like Everyone Else...

I believe that we would all like to think we are different from everyone around us, but sometimes we aren't.  Today I am just like many other people who either used to blog, or haven't all year, or vary rarely.  Yet as in most instances we are compelled to verbalize our renewal to what makes us happy while ringing in the New Year.  Writing, photography, business, arts, cooking -- in essence whatever compelled us to start a blog in the first place.

Many years have passed since I used this blog, and even then I was a sporadic-for-only-a-year kind of blogger.  I have blogged on other things, on other blogs, but for some reason I have always come back to this one to look upon it and then think about all the things I would put on it, if only I had the time.  So for 2014 I would like to stop thinking about doing, and just do...  This is the year that I spend less time on my computer when I have other things waiting for me -- This means not as much time on Ravelry, or Facebook, and not even looking on Etsy!! 

So here is the shortened "Me".

I knit, I spin, I crochet, and I dye.  I work on my house when I can, and I spend a lot of time with my kids and animals.  I have an as yet unknown affliction in my legs that the doctors feel is most likely peripherial nerve damage from cause unknown swelling and cramping almost two years ago, that still continues.  I am in pain all the time, my calves are forever on the verge of cramping and locking up.  At times I can't walk well, and I am never able to walk far.  I fight this every single day, and the problem is compounded by the medical doctors (which I work in the medical field and know well) that I have available to me just trying to put me on a lot of pain medications which I also refuse to take on a full time basis.  I work from home full time as a Podiatry Denial Management person.  I love my job and I love my work, and I am thankful every single day that I have the opportunity to work from home!

Short(s) you might see in the blog will most likely mean this:

J (this is my partner's first initial)
R (this is my sons first initial)
B (oldest daughters first initial)
S (other daughters first initial, a twin)
C (other twin daughters first initial)
I (youngest daughters first initial)
J3 (step sons initials... he is a III)

Next up, pictures, and The Green Room!

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